Kira Bunse - Trouble Exposures


Artist: Kira Bunse
Title: Trouble Exposures
Format: Book
Language: German
32 pages
20 Images
Size: 20 x 25 cm 
ISBN: 978-3-942680-16-5
Published by Strzelecki Books, 2011

More than one year after a shooting, fashion photographer Kira Bunse discovers two forgotten Polaroids in her camera. Instead of pulling them out, she exposes the material again - and is fascinated by the creative potential of the multiple-exposed images. What arose by chance grows into a new unit of work: double exposures, in which foreground and background, models and environments overlap in many ways and confuse the quick perception: trouble exposures.

The models in her fashion series step out of the commercial context and find themselves in supposedly unconnected situations. What is it that merges with a male body? An unplastered wall, a hint of a row of houses, the seashore, a bed sheet? Anyone looking at Kira Bunse's trouble exposures is seduced to take a closer look and experiences how complex layers of motifs elude definition. Things stand on their heads, stone patterns, light reflections and naked skin overlap in palimpsest-like compression. A poetry of layers and traces emerges, whose appeal lies in the stubborn combination of photographic precision and random coincidence.

Kira Bunse (b. 1979, Braunschweig) is a German photographer based in Paris. Her fashion focused portfolio is complimented by a visual exploration of the diverse cultural phenomena she finds herself surrounded by. Both perspectives shape her work in a mutual dynamic and are shown in publications and exhibitions.

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